By working with reputable suppliers, we offer a quality range of products in the areas of scrap materials.

FEBE SCRAP s.r.o. commits to the following objectives and principles of society.

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The company FEBE SCRAP s.r.o. acts in the field of scrap trading within the whole Czech Republic and abroad.

A key objective of the Company is maximal satisfaction of our customers, protection of environment, health, and safety. This objective can only be achieved by planned and continuous enhancement of a level of services provided by us by the means of continuous improvement of all identified processes in the Company. The scrap trading is a branch that can impact the environment. The Company strategy is to minimize any potential adverse impacts to the environment and, therefore, the Company management has decided to implement the integrated management system according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 Standards.

The Company management as well as its staff commit themselves to:

  • Follow any and all effective legal regulations and provisions particularly regarding the environment protection and our approved activities performance documentation.
  • Improve communication at all Company levels.
  • Prefer investments, and implement environment friendly technologies.
  • Provide qualified employees and their continuous scheduled qualification improvement.
  • Continuous environment improvement and its pollution avoidance.
  • Cooperation with entities proving their environment protection relation.
  • Environmental control and management system development and keeping.

Each employee is obliged not only to become familiar with this policy but also should fully acquire it. This policy is a public document and forms a part of our public Company presentation. The Company management supports the defined policy being sure of its appropriateness.

We aim for maximal flexibility in services rendering and goods supplying. We verify the management system by periodic audits.

The Executive Director of the Company is responsible for the defined objectives and programs achievement.